• Ain Nakhil, P.O.Box-1, Abqaiq-31992, Saudi Arabia

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. recognizes that the true measure of an organization’s strength is in the skill and team spirit of its people. We regard our workforce as our prime assets. HAEL employs the finest engineering and management talents available recruited through a very stringent screening and testing. HAEL currently employs more than 600 people including Managerial, Technical, Supervisory, Craftsmen, Operators, Technicians, Skilled and Semi-skilled personnel.

Human Resource Development is a continuous process in HAEL. A full-fledged training department updates and strengthens managerial, technical and supervisory skills of its personnel and organizes full-time residential executive development programs. The training program aims to accomplish an attitudinal change towards the concept of productivity and helps every employee identifies his role in accordance with the corporate mission.