• Ain Nakhil, P.O.Box-1, Abqaiq-31992, Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

HAEL’s vision is anchored on the Kingdom’s long-term program of fueling the growth of oil and gas exploration. This vision can be achieved through the following objectives:

  • To run the company in a professional manner.
  • Strive for constant growth at pace with the time and upkeep a perpetual quest for advancement through innovations.
  • Create an innovative, entrepreneurial and empowered team to attain global bench marks.
  • Foster a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting the expectations of the Clients.

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. CEO

Natheer Al-Zahir
Chief Executive Officer

The The HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. is managed by CEO Mr. Natheer Al-Zahir, assisted by a selected Team in a professional manner that ensures all the work is done in a perfect way.

He will be fully responsible for all the work done within the company, under each department, division and project. All departments will be reporting to him, Including Construction/Engineering & Project Management Dept, Under his control is a highly professional team of managers who are experts in their respective areas and function according to their defined organizational structure and chain of command.

The multinational management team is composed of the finest professionals from around the world which include, among others, Saudi, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, etc. Most of them have solid experience in the field of engineering, management, commerce, information technology and other fields who are capable of meeting the challenges in their respective functional areas.