• Ain Nakhil, P.O.Box-1, Abqaiq-31992, Saudi Arabia

It is the aim and continuing effort of HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. to maintain an efficient and high standard of Safety and Loss Prevention Program in order to avoid distress to persons and financial loss. This policy is maintained by providing a safe working environment, by adopting and following correct work procedure and by using the right and highly conditioned tools, vehicles and equipment. Pursuant to this policy, a manual has been produced to outline the responsibilities of all the employees, from the management down to the labor pool level.

We assure that our management will provide the necessary people, equipment, tools and accessories to execute any work in as safe manner. All supervisory personnel shall do their best efforts to assure the safety of their workforce, and shall be responsible for the protection of all plants and equipment within their area of responsibility.

All other personnel employed or agents within the territorial responsibility shall take the immediate measures in pursuance to the implementation of this policy.

Hazard Identification

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. imposes a duty of care for persons in control of workplaces, employees, contractors, designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of plant and equipment in our workplaces. Fulfilling these duties requires taking all reasonable practicable steps to ensure that all of works, supply installation etc. do not endanger the health and/or safety of employees or properties.