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HAEL’s Specializations


Cross Country Pipeline Construction

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. Onshore pipeline experience includes more than 650 KM of installed pipelines in a single project, developed for a wide range of terrains, including deserts, mountains and in different climates. HAEL has a proven track record for large-diameter, complex, high-pressure and logistically challenged pipeline projects in the Kingdome.


Oil and Gas related facilities

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. specializes in fabrication and installation of gas and oil wellhead pipings and tie-ins , welding of trunklines and flowlines ranging from 4” to 56” diameter including scraping, hydrotesting and pre-commissioning of the lines.


Site Development works

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. also specializes in construction of well pads, Through relevant experience and the use of new technologies, we carefully build every well pad to withstand the unpredictable challenges associated with Arabian climates and soil conditions In addition to building strong and stable well pads, we provide all the access services to clear and prepare the ground for construction including skid roads, ROW’s and asphalt roads.


Fabrication of Structural Steel, Tanks & Pipes

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. also specialized in structural steel, fabricates from a simple pipe support up to valve operating platforms and wellhead platforms ,mechanical, piping, tank fabrication and erection. In keeping with technological progress over time, we have updated our systems, strengthened our management and supervision, improved our infrastructure and endeavored to uphold our policy of getting the job done timeously, professionally, efficiently and, most importantly, safely.


Pipe bending, Size range from 2” to 56”

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. offering Piping bending Services to our clients or External customers, Pipe bending capabilities rage from 2” to 56 “.We are one of the few pipe bending Contracting companies in the Eastern province.


Concrete Pre-casting & Reinforcement fabrication work

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. Can provide different types of pipeline related concrete precast in endless variety of products for above-ground and underground construction. From the largest infrastructure projects to the smallest architectural details, there’s a precast solution for all architects, engineers and construction professionals.
Our Expert team can assist in developing new solutions, by providing critical design information at early development stages. This can assist in the choice of precast concrete as the correct solution to the Oil & Gas pipeline project and Construction requirement.


Construction equipment rental

HAEL Trading & General Contracting Co. has many Equipment in our rental fleet include rental of Trencher, ,Backhoe loader ,Machines Generators, compressors, lighting towers, machines, forklifts, roller compactors, earth moving equipment, Transport vehicles, Small tools & machinery, and many more.


Fiber optic Communication &Splicing services

Install, Test & Cable termination of analog JB’s, Digital JB’s, disconnect switches, etc. Install, Cable, Terminate and software configuration of RTU’s at different locations Lay, Terminate and Test the buried Fiber Optic Cables from each RTUs up to the designated area. Install, Calibrate and test all field instruments like temperature, pressure and level indicators, gauges and transmitters etc… Including choke valves & MOVs.
Installation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Remote Terminal Units (RTU), fiber optic cable, optical transmission equipment, Ethernet, SCADA/RTU systems in the on-shore oil fields.


Heal Industrial Housing Solutions

Hael Housing provides a range of products to serve all types of commercial and Contractors Employee housing and Office requirements. Below you will see a list of our various Locations and deferent types of industrial modular buildings. These products meet the needs of those looking for:


  • Manifa
  • Shabida- Shaybah root
  • Corner –Shaybah root
  • Anbak –Near salawa
  • Abqaiq -Ainakhil
  • Temporary or semi-permanent structures
  • Workforce accommodation units
  • Offices & Temporary facilities
  • Kitchen and dining units
  • Recreation facilities
  • Laundry areas
  • Management Suites
  • Labor quarters
  • Religious facilities